Strong Woman Building a Gentle World

Strong Woman's WorkIf you have read much on my blog, you probably know how much I praise Eliana. She is never afraid of work, and she works side-by-side with me whenever we need to be in the garden.

You might say Eliana is a Strong Woman how helps to build a more gentle world. Actually, I take that phrase from another individual whom I met.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dorian Rogers Winslow, who is Owner & President of a rapidly growing company called Womanswork: Strong Women Building a Gentle World. As I spoke with her, I could see the strength and gentleness in her demeanor. She is one of those women who are not afraid of the dirt, and she get’s things done. However, she also spoke with friendliness and laughter.

Dorian started her company design gloves specifically for women’s hands.

She says, “A lot of people claim to know “what women want.” For us it’s not about guess work. That’s because we are women– designing garden gloves and garden supplies for other women. We test our products rigorously and every item on this website is used by owner Dorian Winslow and her panel of women friends and family.”

But her company has grown, and so has their efforts.

Womanswork, in partnership with two caring citizens, sent gloves to the Houma Nation in Louisiana in October to help with hurricane cleanup and planting.

We do encourage you to check out Their gloves, hats, garden supplies, and specialty pots might make your gardening more efficient and your woman’s work more enjoyable.

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