Strong Woman Building a Gentle World

If you have read much on my blog, you probably know how much I praise Eliana. She is never afraid of work, and she works side-by-side with me whenever we need to be in the garden. You might say Eliana is a Strong Woman how helps to build a more gentle world. Actually, I take […]

You Can Always Do With Tips For Growing Herbs

No matter how long you’ve been a gardener there’s nothing quite like getting tips for growing herbs along with another plants. Just looking at where your herb comes from is a very big tip and certainly will help in getting good herb growing techniques.

Easy Tips For Growing Herbs

There are certain things you do need to know when you have a herb garden. Knowing the best time of day to pick your herbs so they have the optimum flavor is just one of the tips for growing herbs. Are you growing your herbs in the garden or in pots and should you fertilize? Having a bit of inside knowledge about herb growing is a real bonus for healthy herbs.

Important Tips For Gardening

Even if it is an exclusive garden or just from our homes, we need to follow some important tips for gardening. This way, we can create a more attractive and productive garden.

5 Tips For Successful Container Gardening With Flowers

If you follow these 5 tips for successful container gardening you will not only save time, but money, frustration and possibly embarrassment. As this is an increasingly popular venue for gardening, container gardening is making a fashion statement. Container gardens are already very popular for entries, patios and decks.