Growing Tips For Tomato Plants – For a Successful Experience

Growing tomatoes is not an easy task, but is something that with a little extra information can have a positive outcome. Growing tips for tomato plants will hopefully help make this adventure a successful one. There are a couple of elements all plants need to grow and they all involve care.

Rooting Geraniums and Houseplants

I dug up two of my favorite geranium plants and put them in pots in a south facing window. Can I take cuttings now and grow new plants for next spring?

Plant Bulbs Inside for Winter Bloom

Question: Is it too late to plant bulbs inside for winter bloom? Do they need special treatment?

Big Tender Bulbs Now

My tuberous begonias and dahlias had the tops frozen by a recent frost. Is it too late to dig the bulbs? How should I store them?