Spring Garlic is a Restaurant Delicacy You Can Grow in Your Garden

Spring Garlic bulbil (seeds) are about the size of peas

Spring Garlic bulbil (seeds) are about the size of peas

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Spring Garlic bulbil (seeds) are about the size of peas

There are two types of garlic. Hardneck garlic has a little curly thing that grows out of the top. On the top is a little white thing. It contains a bunch of things called bulbils. Each one is about the side a pea. Softneck garlic is great for braiding, but it will not produce the bulbils. Hardneck tend to produce bigger bulbs.

When you hardneck garlic is growing, you want to cut off most of these bulbils. I leave a few on only a few plants. If you live the bulb on the top of the plant, some of the energy of the plant will go into the bulb instead of into the actual garlic bulb growing in the ground. So only leave a handful of these bulbs on the top of the garlic.

I used to be asked if I had any Spring Garlic. I didn’t now what it was. Well, one year I saw these little white bulbs on the top of my garlic so I cut them off and through them on the ground. Well, the next season, I had all these green little shoots coming up out of the ground whre the garlic patch was before. I didn’t know what it was. It looked like a little onion, except it had flat leaves. (Onions have tubular leaves; Garlic has flat leaves.) Anyway, I dug those up with a shovel and they smelled like garlic. Ooooh, I thought. That mas be Spring Garlic. Sure enough.

Spring Garlic looks like a green onion. It is ready to use when it is about eight inches tall. It has a little garlic-flavored bulb on the end and a green top. You can chop the whole thing up and use it. It is so delicious that restaurant chefs ask for it.

This allows you not to buy garlic year-round. If you are a commercial gardener, you must know that Spring Garlic is a delicacy.

Now, if you have saved some of the bulbs from your garlic the year before, you can plant these little bulbils in the ground early in the spring. It is called Spring Garlic. To plant these bulbils, dig a small trench about 1 inch deep. Spread these bulbils about every inch or so apart in the row and cover it with soil. In about July, it will be ready. You can tell it is ready when it is about eight inches tall. This Spring Garlick will expire about the time we start digging the main crop of garlic.

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