Hanging Perfect Pumpkins on a Trellis

Hanging Perfect Pumpkins on a TrellisA couple of years ago I heard about growing pumpkins on trellises. At first I thought it was crazy. Pumpkins can be 10, 15, 30 pounds or much more. Surely the wimpy vines couldn’t hold the weight of a large pumpkin.

But I saw several pictures of watermelon, cantaloupe, and even a few smaller pumpkin hanging on a trellis made from a trellis frame made net, supported by 1/2-inch electrical conduit.

Well, this year I made my foray into trellised pumpkins. You can see the picture. Each of these pumpkins are hanging at least a foot off the ground. They are having no problem being supported by this garden trellis. I have included some instructions one of my video articles called How to Build and Use a Vegetable Trellis.

Having tried this, I’m never going back.

You see, there are several advantages to using the pumpkin trellis.

  1. The vines don’t crawl all over the garden and cover every other plant. With just a little guidance, the vines will grow up and through the trellis.
  2. The pumpkins stay out of the dirt.
  3. The pumpkins grow nice and round, making perfect pumpkins.
  4. If I strategically place my different cucurbits, tomatoes, pole beans, and other vine plants along the edges of my garden, it actually makes an attractive border as the vines climb.

Next year I intend to fill the entire East and North borders of my garden with trellised plants. I suspect I’ll save a lot of space and a lot of bending.

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