Mortgage Lifter and Black Krim Tomatoes are Favorites

Mortgage Lifter and Black Krim Tomatoes are FavoritesMy neighbor actually had more success with tomatoes this year than I did. This year I was not able to spend the time to care for my tomato plants and they got pretty crowded. So I have to admit that I very much enjoyed receiving a box of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes and Black Krim Tomatoes.

The Mortgage Lifter on the left in the photo are a wonderful variety. They produce large, solid fruit and are easy to grow.

But I still love the Black Krim tomato, seen on the right side of the photo. The Black Krim grows very well. Their flavor is much sweeter and the texture much softer than most common red tomatoes. It makes a very nice slicing tomato.

Acutally, I introduced the Black Krim tomato to my neighbor just a couple of years ago. We saved seeds from a good crop that year,  and we took some of those seeds to my neighbor.

Well, it’s good that I did. His plants out produced my tomato plants by 5 to 1.

Lesson learned. Don’t let your trellises get to crowded. Tomatoes don’t like crowded.

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