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Aaron in the GardenWelcome to my Living in the Garden Blog

I’m Aaron Mackley. I’ve gardened for a lot of years, not because I needed to, but because to me, gardening is pleasurable.

There is something serene about working in the garden. When the day is stressful, I can take refuge behind the handle of a shovel or spade. Sometimes I go out early in the morning, just after the dawn, or even just as the sun is raising its beams above the Teton mountains to the East of me. Rarely is there much sound other than the hoe. I’m generally undisturbed there.

The three exceptions to my gardening solitude actually make it even more pleasant. Sometimes, usually in the early evening, my daughter, now 13 might be encourage to come help me weed a row of corn or beans or carrots. When we two are there alone, I have a chance to hear her sing and talk to me, almost incessantly, as we work together. Like a typical man, I don’t say a whole lot when she comes, I just answer her questions and ask her a few more. She fills the rest of the time. But these are some of my favorite memories.

My son is much younger, but often he accompanies me in the many tasks that surround the yard and the garden. He has shown his diligence in work when he is set to a task that shows me that he will certainly be a contributor and not afraid of either having dirty hands or sweat on his back.

But my most precious blessing of the garden is spending time with my wife, Eliana. More often than not, we will work side by side weeding an our 10 80-foot rows of strawberries or covering tomatoes before a frost or planting and seeding the patches or rows of carrots or onions or lettuce or any other variety of produce. There is great, quiet joy in walking side-by-side as I roll in a loaded wheelbarrow of harvested potatoes in late Autumn.

The blessings of a garden go far beyond just the produce. The garden brings peace from the world and memories for the future.

My Living in the Garden Blog are my ramblings about my experiences, my pleasures, my successes, and my failures. I hope you enjoy them.

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