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It's Time to STOP Leaving Your Garden Growing Success To ChanceAnd Learn How To Grow Produce Every Year Like Professionals Who Produce For Chefs!

From the desk of Aaron Mackley, and Upstartmediamarketing.

Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen in her garden.

Dear gardening friend,

If you're here, you love to garden as I do. There is a serenity in working in the garden, especially on those fall evenings when the air is calm, the weather is warm, and the harvest is nearing. Unfortunately, not every day of the year is warm and pleasant, and not all of my harvests were bountiful.

At least not until I met Jane Jensen.

Have you been struggling to find a failsafe method to a lush and productive, organic and sustainable garden? A teach-by-example system that YOU can watch and follow that will guarantee your success?

It doesn't matter if your garden is a 10' x 10' or a 100' x 100'. The principles work equally well!

If you have ever tried growing tomatoes, or peppers, or lettuce or broccoli, or any one of the wonderful vegetables that we love…but didn't succeed?

  • Did the tomato vines grow, but then slowly wither and not produce?
  • Did the peppers just not get very big?
  • Did you harvest carrots only to find them woody and tasteless?
  • Have you tried to raise lettuce only to have it bolt and go to seed, leaving bitter leaves?
  • Did your onions just not get to their full 4-inch sweet bulbs by the time winter had taken its toll?

If you have ever tried growing your favorite vegetables and didn't succeed, I'm sure you will agree that it can be a frustrating experience; putting so many hours into looking after your garden produce and when it's time to enjoy the fruit of your labor, there's nothing! I know. I've been there myself.

But a couple of years ago I met Jane Jensen. Not only does Jane love to grow a garden, but she produces some of the best-tasting vegetables that are as perfect as any you will find in the grocery store. And she loves teaching what she has learned. 

It is when I began watching Jane in her garden that my garden almost immediately began to improve. 

Because it's not easy to get your hands on understandable, reliable AND proven information about growing a garden, I began working with Jane to film her in her classes, follow her throughout her garden throughout the garden, and ask her about every detail that I could think of to help anyone grow a better garden. Our purpose was to create the garden growing tutorial that I never had. 

The Living Garden Series was developed from Jane's more than 25 years' experience growing vegetables for some of the pickiest chefs in the culinary industry. They wanted not only produce that had intense flavor, the produce had to look fresh and vibrant. For two or three years, Jane took a break from gardening for the restaurant industry. When she came back, she went to only two or three chefs and she had orders pending for thousands of dollars for the summer. Now that's a reputation. 

I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you follow the system in The Living Garden Series, each year, you will SUCCEED. NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE, WHAT VEGETABLES YOU ARE GROWING OR WHERE YOU LIVE!

As the proverb says:

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

You see, growing vegetables isn't really that difficult, IF you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it! Now, this is where Jane comes in and gives you everything you need.

Too many gardeners fail miserably to grow a bounteous harvest, and I'm sick of watching them spending money and time, doing exactly the opposite they are supposed to do. 

When you try to grow a garden without following a system; if you have no one to watch to do it right, then you are doomed to failure!

Sure, no one can guarantee 100% garden success!. We are gardeners and we know how dependent we are on mother nature to work with us. 

BUT, there is one thing I can guarantee . . .

"If you use the system in The Living Garden Series, then you will have a much better chance of succeeding - even if Mother Nature turns her back on us!"

This is no magic formula; it is a tried and true system that works with nature as it was intended. Jane has used the exact same system year after year and has taught it to hundreds of students in her home and in her garden. 

The most important part of this program is that it is NOT just a downloadable e-book with hundreds of pages for you to read. The Living Garden is a series videos. You watch what Jane does. The camera zooms on the produce. You see what her hands do and how she plants. It ALL MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Did you know that with this system, Jane's own 1/3 acre garden produces thousands of pounds of quality tomatoes, beans, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, herbs, squash, potatoes, peppers, leafy greens, and even edible flowers each year. Her growing beds are lush with produce. 


I tell you, it IS possible with The Living Garden Series, and it works equally well with gardens that are 10 x 10 feet or 100 x 100. It is all included in the principles of correct gardening, which she teaches. 

This is what healthy tomato plants look like!

Tomato Plants

Jane's Tomatoes regularly grow 7-8 feet tall


Tomato Plants

But the plants are not all vines. Jane picks bushels of over 20 heirloom tomato varieties every 2-3 days.

Amazing! Isn't it?

Wouldn't YOU also like to grow peppers like this?

Pepper Plants

Or crisp, sweet softball-sized onions like these?

4 inch Onions

Or vibrant, aromatic basil in several varieties

Bed of Basil

Now YOU have the opportunity to grow stunning looking, organic garden produce in your own backyard…Guaranteed!"

I cannot even imagine how many successful gardeners will be created from this system, and this is just a sliver of what you will find in The Living Garden Series. Jane will walk you through the garden and show you how to overcome all the growing mistakes so many new and seasoned growers still make.

Introducing The Brand-new

Living Garden

Do you Need ALL of Your Garden Growing Questions Answered? How About Getting It all Right Now and Start Growing a Productive, Great Looking Garden?

What Makes The Living Garden Series So Unique?

The Living Garden Series includes nearly 15 hours of online video instruction. It is NOT just an e-book. 

It begins with a comprehensive set of 9 lessons with Jane Jensen in her home. She explains the principles of how the garden works. She uses charts, pictures, and several demonstrations. Then we include over two hours of in-the garden demonstrations and discussions. Jane shows the processes and steps. 

The Living Garden Series was recorded over a period of nearly two years, so you will go from planning the garden to starting your own plants indoors using very simple and inexpensive grow lights. Then Jane shows effective planting techniques which result in high yields. We re-visit the garden several time through the summer and late into the fall. Jane ends with discussion and demonstration of several storage and preservation techniques. 

Jane takes you through the garden every step of the way; even if you have NEVER been successful with gardening before. Often, Jane's discussion reveals simple, hidden secrets of knowledge that only experience would recognize. Watching the videos time after time, you gain hidden insights that drop glibly from her conversation.

Here are just some of the secrets revealed in each lesson.

Lesson One: Soil Health 

Tomato icon The hidden nature and life in healthy soil and what nutrients keep the soil alive and vibrant. This is THE secret to a productive garden. Without healthy soil all of your work will be wasted!
Tomato icon How to welcome important natural life which builds the soil.
Tomato icon The single best ingredient to add to your soil which is free and abundant.
Tomato icon Why organic matter matters and how it makes a difference to the roots and to the fauna in the soil.

Lesson Two: Planning the Garden

Red Onion Which plants and plant families can be planted early in the spring to begin receiving produce as early as April.
Red Onion How to plan for multiple crops well into the fall. 
Red Onion How to coordinate the growth of companion plant to maximize limited garden area for maximum productivity. 
Red Onion How to rotate crops and track. This little secret may make the difference between healthy plants in the second and third year.

Lesson Three: Choosing Varieties

Green Pepper icon Which catalog gives the best selection of rare or most hardy varieties.
Green Pepper icon Learn to read catalog terms and symbols such as F1, V, H
Green Pepper icon Recognize the five different lettuce types. 
Green Pepper icon Jane reveals the best way to get large sweet onions every time.
Green Pepper icon How to plant biennials.

Lesson Four: Starting Seeds Indoors

Leaf-Lettuce icon How to save hundreds of dollars starting your seeds indoors. 
Leaf-Lettuce icon How to get quality plants that you won't get at the greenhouse. 
Leaf-Lettuce icon How to build your own "grow lights" with almost no money and less effort.
Leaf-Lettuce icon The Secret for getting stocky(not spindly) plants; It's more than light;
Leaf-Lettuce icon A one penny secret that keeps your plants moist.
Leaf-Lettuce icon How to tell if your seeds are strong.
Leaf-Lettuce icon How and when to thin. 
Leaf-Lettuce icon What to watch for at this critical stage between germination and grow lights.

Lesson Five: Compost

Yellow Pepper icon Simple explanation of compost that anyone can understand.
Yellow Pepper icon Importance of ratios.
Yellow Pepper icon What destroys your soil viability if you don't understand.
Yellow Pepper icon A most important tip to save you hours of backbreaking effort.

Lesson Six: Garden Tips & Tricks

Lettuce Icon What vegetables can be started in August and grow well into November or December
Lettuce Icon How spacing is a critical factor in productivity. How to visualize spacing and why it makes a difference.
Lettuce Icon How often and how long to water to give roots good moisture without drowning the plants.
Lettuce Icon This trick kills weeds naturally and builds the soil.
Lettuce Icon This vital tip will help you know when to thin to keep your plants growing the fastest.

Lesson Seven: Beating Pests

Corn Learn the most effective way to control slugs. It's not diatomacious earth or beer! This one trick will keep your lettuce from being chewed up.
Corn How can you control squash bugs? 
Corn Learn this organic method to protect your corn and grapes from skunks, raccoons, and squirrels. 
Corn One quick method to know if you are still getting new bugs in your garden or if your seeing old damage.
Corn What bird is your best ally against codling moths, and what can you do to attract them.

Lesson Eight: Saving Seeds This is one of the least taught but most sought-after instructions.

Cucumber icon Jane is a member of Seed Savers Exchange. She knows how to do this well. 
Cucumber icon Learn your basic plant families and the unique seed saving properties of each one.
Cucumber icon Learn how biennials produce seeds the second year and how to keep their fruit viable to replant in the spring. (IMPORTANT)
Cucumber icon What plants must be protected against inbreeding depression?

Lesson Nine: Storing and Using Produce into Late Winter

Garlic icon Why canning (bottling) is the least nutritious method of preservation and other methods to replace it as much as possible.
Garlic icon Learn a safe way to store roots without a cellar to keep the fresh and crisp.
Garlic icon Identify the best time to stop watering garlic and when to harvest.
Garlic icon Learn how to get fresh, coveted "Spring Garlic" every year.
Garlic icon Recognize how to get plant varieties which will store better than others.

This is just scratching the surface. Those are only the lessons. There are over two hours of in-the-garden demonstrations and illustrations. Look at these segments, each 5 to 15 minutes:

  • All about Carrots
  • Raising Broccoli for Spring and Fall Harvests
  • Saving Seeds (varieties)
  • Growing Onions
  • Saving Onion Seeds
  • Salad Mixes
  • Growing Garlic for Spring and Fall Crops
  • Edible Flowers
  • Soil Building
  • Mulches
  • Critter Protections
  • Succession Planting
  • Trellises for Gardens
  • Winter Protection
  • Fall/Winter Gardens
  • Herbs
  • Tomatillos
  • Peppers
  • Garden Equipment that Saves Money
  • Starting Plants
  • Planting Techniques 
  • Wide & Raised Beds
  • Dehydrating

Transform your garden into a family food production machine

Broccoli 2nd Crop. Straight, Tender Carrots

This is the fall broccoli. It will produce until late fall.Jane explains how to rescue broccoli (and other vegetables) that go to seed, but can then produce a second harvest.

These carrots are sweet, tender, and crisp. They will be stored through the winter. They will still be good until April or May. 
Saving Seeds. Fall Winter

Jane talks in-depth about saving seeds. Throughout the Living Garden Series, Jane shows the seed-saving process of several different vegetable products. These are lettuce plants.

Jane's Garden (and yours) will last into late December, even beyond. Jane will show you how to get salad greens and several leafy vegetables to continue to thrive and harvest even after frozen solid.

For me, gardening is insurance for the security of my family. Maybe it is for you too.

I grow a garden because I love the flavor of fresh garden vegetables. However, I am learning from Jane to start my garden earlier and to extend the harvest much later. Plus, I have learned from Jane how to take heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and have begun to store many varieties. 

You have probably heard advertisements about the emergency seed banks. For me, the best insurance is having my owns seeds than I know will produce. How much is that peace of mind worth? That's what I have learned from Jane.

If you look at the cost, time, and travel associated with attending an actual garden training series (if it's even available), then this course will cost only a fraction of that price - and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! and you can repeat the videos as often as you need or would like.

Since this system has just been launched, I've decided not to charge you those insane amounts of money. I will cut back the original price. We realized the bonuses alone would be worth that. But we decided to cut back the price to $37.95. Even then, we realized that No. If we want any gardener to be able to access this amazing training, we needed to cut it even further.

We decided to make this an unbelievable steal, we are giving away

all of this for $37.95

Spring Special only $24.95.

Just look at the additional bonuses that make this an unbelievable steal of a deal.

Target Bonus

Look, we know that these videos will show you all you need to create a successful garden, but we realize that sometimes we need a little extra information. 

So, we have added 5 special bonuses to give you additional information and to highlight some of the more tricky parts of growing a garden. 

Look at these bonuses

  • A Tomato Growing Video
  • Planting Guides
  • Disease Reference Guide
  • A Ready-Reference Garden Handbook
  • Compost for Gardeners. 
Target Bonus Growing Tomatoes

Complete Tomato Growing Guide Video

This 13-minute video condenses the most essential tomato growing steps into one quick video. For success in growing tomatoes, start with this video.

Jane covers preparing the soil, starting seeds indoors, planting, tomato heirloom varieties, how to trellis tomatoes, and watering requirements. 

Look at this beautiful Black Krim tomato from the Ukraine. 

Target Bonus GardenCalendar

Jane Jensen's 10-month Growing Calendar

For a harvest starting in early May and continuing through early winter, follow this Jane's Garden Calendar.

This is THE calendar that guides Jane every year in deciding what products to plant, when to order, when to companion plant and when to succession plant. You can adjust your start points for your growing season and zone.

Target Bonus Common Problems

Tomato Common Problems and Ready Reckoner

This wonderful bonus has been added by Annette Welsford and Lucia Grimmer, Msc. Lucia Grimmer holds a Master's degree in plant pathology. Annette and Lucia are the authors of the very successful ebook, How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes.

You are going to refer to this again and again and again, so we suggest you print this and keep it near your garden or in your garden shed (in a plastic pocket) so that you can quickly identify any problems and take quick corrective action. After all your hard work and dedication, you want to ensure your beautiful crop is not destroyed by something you could have prevented.

The incredibly detailed Ready Reckoner features photos of common diseases, pests and deformities, making it easy for you to identify any problems which may occur. 

Target Bonus Living Garden Series

The Gardener's Handbook 

This 88-page ebook is designed to put the details of gardening at your fingertips.

You will want to print out this full-color ebook and keep it handy. It will answer those little questions that you might have forgotten. Take notes in this handy Gardener's Handbook while you are watching the videos. 

Target Bonus Composting

Composting for Gardeners

41-pages of secrets and processes to make great compost. Jane incorporates compost and mulches throughout the year for healthy, rich soil. We have added Composting for Gardeners 41-page ebook to help you with building rich compost.

The #1 secret to a good garden in the soil. Follow the instructions in Composting for Gardeners to make your soil rich enough for multiple crops throughout the year.


Remember, this is a limited time offer only. We may not be able to keep the Spring price of this system at $24.95… especially when the internet marketers start spreading it around. Get it direct from us now before we need to raise the price.


Living Garden Series DVD

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Take action now, and stop wondering if you can really get a productive, sustainable harvest - Jane has proven that her natural, organic garden techniques really work.

Aaron Mackley

P.S. Remember, with my Unconditional Guarantee, you have nothing to lose…rather…you have the incredible opportunity to succeed!

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