Garden Wheels Simplify What to Grow in the Garden

Vegetable Garden WheelThe Garden Wheel series will keep your gardening information and ideas at your fingertips.

The Garden Group company in Pawling, NY has created a wonderful resource for any gardener. They call them the Garden Wheel. They are a portable and weatherproof plastic wheel that allows you to turn the top layer. The top wheel has a cut-out, which reveals important information from the second wheel layer about the plant: When to plant, what type of season to grow it in, sun requirements, planting instructions, days to germination, days to harvest, and the height of the plant. This is very helpful when considering companion planting in the garden.

But the Garden Group doesn’t only include a vegetable wheel. They have an herb wheel, bulb wheels, annual wheel, perennial wheel, and shade garden wheel. Each of them has unique features that make them invaluable for a gardener.

For example, the Herb Wheel has three cut-outs. The top cut-out includes growing information for the particular herb. The opposite side of the wheel has a cut-out that reveals a companion plant. Finally, a third cut-out reveals the usage of the primary herb. I you masteredd only the 16 major herbs on this wheel, you would have an excellent head start in using herbs.

The Annual Garden wheel is even more unique. It includes three upper wheels. An inside, middle, and outer wheel. The inside wheel corresponds to low-growing annuals. The middle ring shows middle-sized plants, and the outer ring shows the taller plants. This helps to determine which plants should go in front, middle, and back. Of course, it is color coded to help you plant complementary or contrasting colors for your garden.
These are really quite remarkable products to help in your garden work.

Each of the wheels are listed below.

Each Garden Wheel is only $7.95

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Vegetable Garden Wheel

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