Grow a Fall Garden Well into the Early Winter

Fall is a great time to grow a lot of food. I plant a full bed of lettuces and my salad blend around the middle of August. By September and well into October and November my salad greens are continuing to grow. Chard and Kale are bienniels, so they will continue to grow through the fall into the early winter. Chard and Kale are two of the most productive plants in your garden. A 3 foot row of chard will be all you need for the summer.

Grow a Fall Garden well into the Early WinterI like to plant bienniels because they will not go to seed until next year.

Now let me tell you about cabbage. It is little know that if you pick off the cabbage, you can pick off all of the little buds except for one. A new head will begin to form. It may not be as big as the first one, but it will still grow and be very delicious.

I love fall gardens because they extend your season much longer. In my fall garden I still have Kale, Chard, Parsely. Kale can picked even when it is frozen solid. The leaves may appear droopy, but they are just fine. Pick it, and you still have your vitamins.

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