These gardening videos are only snippits of the Living Garden series. Actually many of them are our little experiences in the Garden. If you want our Expert gardener, Jane Jensen, to teach you gardening from beginning to end, check out our 4-Disc DVD Living Garden Training Series.

Spring Garlic is a Restaurant Delicacy You Can Grow in Your Garden

Spring Garlic looks like a green onion. It has a little garlic-flavored bulb on the end and a green top. It is so delicious that restaurant chefs ask for it.

Grow a Fall Garden Well into the Early Winter

Fall is a great time to grow a lot of food. I plant lettuces and salad blends around the middle of August. October and November my salad greens are continuing to grow.

How to Build and Use a Vegetable Trellis

I have a lot of “garden junk.” It’s actually my trellising equipment. A trellis is important to keep your plants off the groun

Building Organic Soil in the Garden

In gardening, soil is really where it’s at. Organic Soil is full of life, flora and fauna. This is your whole foundation.

Growing Garlic

Garlic is fun to grow, it’s all about timing. Garlic is kind of in a class by itself. The whole secret to growing garlic is knowing when to plant and when to harvest.