Q&A Articles

Seasoned Master Gardener, Allen Wilson, answers common and complex gardening questions. Pruning, fruit trees, pesticides, organic methods are topics.

Large Branch Pruning

My neighbor recently pruned some branches off his tree and left stubs several inches long. Two branches snapped while pruning . . .

Get Plants Ready for Winter

Question: I am new to this area and am not sure what I should do to prepare my plants for winter. I have planted several fruit trees, roses and perennial flowers this year. I see my neighbor irrigating everything. Is that a good idea?

Fall Pruning

Question: I read recently that fall is a good time to prune trees and shrubs. I have a variety of plants which need attention. What can I prune now?

Prepare Garden Soil Now for Next Spring

I read recently that it is better to till your vegetable garden and annual flower beds in the fall rather than waiting until next spring. What do you recommend?

Big Tender Bulbs Now

My tuberous begonias and dahlias had the tops frozen by a recent frost. Is it too late to dig the bulbs? How should I store them?