Welcome to the Living Garden Blog

Welcome to my Living in the Garden Blog. There is something serene about working in the garden. When the day is stressful, I can take refuge behind the handle of a shovel or spade. Sometimes I go out early in the morning, just after the dawn, or even just as the sun is raising its beams above the Teton mountains to the East of me. Rarely is there much sound other than the hoe. I’m generally undisturbed there.

Making Apple Juice, Apple Cider, and Apple Cider Vinegar is Part of Fall Harvest

After I’ve been outside working, the taste of fresh apple cider warms more than the belly. It warms the soul. We learned to press apples ourselves. The taste is absolutely incomparable. Now we gather apples and use our juicer to make 20 gallons or so each year.

Mortgage Lifter and Black Krim Tomatoes are Favorites

I introduced the Black Krim tomato to my neighbor just a couple of years ago. We saved seeds from a good crop that year, and we took some of those seeds to my neighbor. Well, it’s good that I did. This year his plants out produced my tomato plants by 5 to 1. Lesson learned. Don’t let your trellises get to crowded. Tomatoes don’t like crowded.

Hanging Perfect Pumpkins on a Trellis

A couple of years ago I heard about growing pumpkins on trellises. At first I thought it was crazy. Well, this year I made my foray into trellised pumpkins.

Flower Garden Tips For Anyone

Flower gardens are one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see and spring is the time of year to get started taking care of yours. If you already have a flower garden you would like to brighten up and restore, now is the time to add new plants to enhance the existing ones.