Budget Saving Tips For the Gardener

Some budget saving tips for the gardener. Start plants from seeds. It will save a ton of money in the long run and give you a new skill in gardening. Once you’ve grown a few plants its time to start from seeds. First of all the first time purchase for a pack of tomato seeds is much cheaper than the purchase of the equivalent in plants. The secondary kick is that now you know how to use seeds and after every harvest you will have a new free batch to start the next crop with. By using seeds you can spend money on different plants and be able to expand your garden while having a large cheap variety of plants to pick from each year. Also having a friend who is gardening also helps out because you can trade seeds from year to year. Your never going to use all the seeds you acquire from each harvest so it is beneficial to have some one to trade with. It can also pay off in a nice gift as harvest time.

Another quick trip is pick plants that harvest plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try tomatoes, beans or squash. Zucchini also yields particularly well. These plants will make you feel like your work was well paid off at the end.

One last quick trick for the budget saving gardener is making a compost pile. You probably pay monthly to have your grass clippings and wood chips taken away. Instead reuse these to make your garden fresh. Just make a square pit with a couple of 2 x 4’s and some chicken wire. You can even through your coffee grinds in there for an extra addition. For the indoor gardener try a worm bin, it’ll give you a boost of nutrients without the hassle of compost. Remember recycle what you use it helps in the pocket and in the garden.

Some quick and easy tips from [http://www.southfloridagardening.co.cc/wordpress].

Author: Peter B Moore
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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