About Us

Aaron and Eliana Mackley in GardenHi! I’m Aaron, and you will probably see my wife Eliana here and there on the website. We have produced several websites, including Pazumpa.com and UpstartMediaMarketing.com.  We have been involved with gardening ever since we were married, over 23 years ago. We’ve moved to three states, each with different climates and have had our fun learning to garden, year by year.

Over the years, I took several classes, even the Master Gardener series through the local Agricultural Extension Office. Through those classes and the Master Gardener program, I began to learn and share much more with neighbors and community members. It has been a great joy.

About three years ago, while developing material for Pazumpa.com, we were introduced to Jane Jensen, who you will see on our Living Garden DVD and Online Training Series. From the first minute that we walked into her garden, we knew she could teach us through her example. It happened to be late fall and she still had bountiful produce; mine had long put itself to bed for the winter. I could tell Jane knew by practice what I would only learn in several more years.

So, Eliana and I  spent the next year and a half filming Jane in her garden through the Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. It was amazing what we learned.

So, LivingGardenSeries.com was developed to share what we know and help you cut the corners on your own learning curve. We have articles, videos, product reviews, and my own blog about our experiences. We hope you’ll enjoy our website. Click here to contact me.

Aaron and Eliana