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Tomatoes and Asparagus-Natural Companion Plants

Tomatoes and Asparagus have three distinct characteristics that make them more than just good companion plants: continuity, chemistry, and Offsetting harvest seasons.

Strong Woman Building a Gentle World

If you have read much on my blog, you probably know how much I praise Eliana. She is never afraid of work, and she works side-by-side with me whenever we need to be in the garden. You might say Eliana is a Strong Woman how helps to build a more gentle world. Actually, I take […]

Garden Wheels Simplify What to Grow in the Garden

The Garden Group company in Pawling, NY has created a wonderful resource for any gardener. They call them the Garden Wheel. The Garden Wheel series will keep your gardening information and ideas at your fingertips.

Hanging Perfect Pumpkins on a Trellis

A couple of years ago I heard about growing pumpkins on trellises. At first I thought it was crazy. Well, this year I made my foray into trellised pumpkins.

Spring Garlic is a Restaurant Delicacy You Can Grow in Your Garden

Spring Garlic looks like a green onion. It has a little garlic-flavored bulb on the end and a green top. It is so delicious that restaurant chefs ask for it.