Archives for November 2009

Rooting Geraniums and Houseplants

I dug up two of my favorite geranium plants and put them in pots in a south facing window. Can I take cuttings now and grow new plants for next spring?

Plant Bulbs Inside for Winter Bloom

Question: Is it too late to plant bulbs inside for winter bloom? Do they need special treatment?

Overgrown Shrubs

I have several large juniper shrubs planted in front of my home which have overgrown the sidewalk and are blocking the windows. Are these worth saving or should I replace them?

Winter Preparation for Plants, Tools and Equipment

I moved to eastern Idaho 6 months ago from a warmer climate. Could you give me some suggestions for protecting my plants from winter damage? Do my tools and equipment need special attention?

Large Branch Pruning

My neighbor recently pruned some branches off his tree and left stubs several inches long. Two branches snapped while pruning . . .